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APOGEE Big Ben A Cure for the Jitters – Apogee’s new “C777” Clock.At the heart of any word clock regeneration is a phase lock loop (PLL). The PLL is a combination of analog and digital elements without the ability to dynamically adapt to the nature of the external clocks. In other words, the better the clock performance, the less flexibility it has. And conversely, the more flexibility there is in a PLL, the less effective it is at jitter reduction. Apogee’s new C777 is built to address these inadequacies. Adaptive Loop Filtering (ALF) ALF maximizes BIG BEN’s clocking ability with an intelligent low pass filter. Because the C777 has made all incoming signals into data (1’s and 0’s) BIG BEN is able to dynamically compensate for excessive jitter and even improve already acceptable clock signals to levels unattainable until now. No matter what your input looks like, ALF can adapt and overcome all obstacles to create a stable, reliable, low jitter clock source.

Why mastering at AudiopleXus

With 24 channels of digital I/O, the 2408 is ideal for connecting your computer to a digital mixer. Both ADAT lightpipe and Tascam TDIF digital connections are supported at any sample rate up to 96kHz.The MOTU Audio 24I/O interface fulfills the promise of host-based hard disk recording: to record, edit, mix process, and master multitrack recording projects entirely inside the computer. It provides 24 high quality, 24-bit/96kHz analog inputs and outputs in a cost effective, single rack space package, allowing you to connect and record from 24 simultaneous analog sources.

At the consumer level there are basically 2 formats for the transmission of digital audio signals (and here I am talking about the physical connections not the format of the digital data being transmitted), coaxial or electrical, using an RCA-type jack and plug (or sometimes a BNC bayonet connector) and a shielded, 75 ohm impedance, cable and Toslink or optical, which transmits the digital data in the form of light down a plastic fiber-optic cable.

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