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MASTERING-£45 per track (( €53. $60.JPY10,000 ) (subject to rate change))
2 songs single £85 ( €109 - $150 - JPY17,655)............ 10 songs is £410 call us for a quote........................

CD copy-£25 ( CD To CD Sync )
DAT to CD £25 (no edit) £40 (edit)
Analogue transfer to digital-£18 (with editing) 1/4" and 1/2" Tapes
Please call for all other servies rates
For Country outside the EU payment can only be made by Paypal

The price include two master CD master one safety copy and a presentation box and label

Call us or email for all other rates and service.

AudiopleXus Work is 100% guaranteed

Extra CP copy of your master Cost £5 plus postage if needed

We keep finished project for 3 months

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AudiopleXus is a hardware mastering studio and a DAW not like many other mastering studio only composed of a computer and a few software and studio like those you can do it at home.

While other mastering studios can charge a fortune, with results not always up to expectations, our clients tell us that our results match or exeed in quality those from the most established studios and as a result the mastering side has steadily grown through word of mouth.

WE deliver within 48 hours anywhere in the world.

Audioplexus Mastering studio as been open only fore 2 year with the best mastering tools available for today music industry.

Call us for your free trial.

AudiopleXus also do restoration - declicking, denoising, dehissing.
Sync AD/DA - Transfer DAT to CD - 1/4" tape to CD-DVD or DAT - Stereo to 5.1,
Record to CD and tranfer at any rates and format digital and analogue.

Visitor are welcome

Call us on 020-8980-8947

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