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CD mastering at AudiopleXus studio UK facility AudiopleXus is a very high end and technically advanced mastering stuidos music lab, high end application and editing mastering studio located in London in the UK. AudiopleXus The complexity and variety of equipment, With ours skills allows us to help you achieve your goals whatever the budget or any requirements to allows our engineer to work on a wide variety I-CD-mastering of audio projects in all styles and genres both in class A analogue and digital setup. This site contains all the information you need if you want Mastering Links to work with us. Our engineer has more than 20 years world wide world class

experience for CD mastering in the U.K USA and Europe and as music and sound consultant for record labels. Audio restoration is also available. At AudiopleXus our mission is to help you achieve your goals whatever the budget or requirements. On a budget it's not possible to use another high end mastering facility with some of the world top engineers using AudiopleXus studio is an opportunity for you to achieve the same quality finish to your music as is given to some of today's major artists. (Is why we offer you a free trial so you knowl what you'll have). Ultra high audio quality and standard, total guarantee , great rates with professionalism and the human touch to your art and vision. We don't believe in before and after demo as sound can be manipulated any way you want and you'll never know what YOUR mastered music will sound like with a before and after of someone else demo. Call us for anything audio engineering and nusic mastering. Gears including ATC, Prism sound, Weiss, Avalon design, Manley, Sadie 6,SPL, SSL,

TC 6000, Antelope, Dynaudio, Yamaha NS10-M, Adam.
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All our works can by delivered to customer via the Internet on audioplexus FTP server on FTP client or by HTML links and by any other form of despatch world wide (Post, UPS, FEDEX, etc. at audiopleXus if you not 100% satisfied you don't pay. We'll send you any test needed before the final master CD, payment can by made by cash, credit card or online with Paypal. Audio mastering online cd master studio recording restoration and editing cd coding dvd editing dvd coding audio post production and water marking London and CD mastering London UK. Mastering Your music deserves the finest in care and experience. our engineer will take your mixes to the next level in a cd mastering studio at a price you can afford. Audiophile quality Audio Mastering Using the world's most transparent A/D Converte, transfers from analog are performed from customized tube tape recorders and analog processors. Digital processing is done with greater than 24-bit accuracy. Learn more about the art and science of CD mastering by reading the dedicated section of this site. Our services include: Data/Digital Conversion, Multimedia Authoring & Design, A/V analysis-editing & mastering. These and other techniques give consistency and an overall cohesiveness to assure your product's success !.

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Digital Level In digital production, level has traditionally been measured on a sample-by-sample basis. The highest possible level in a digital encoding is called 0 dbsf (or Full Scale Digital, FSD), and the only thing to be concerned about is not to hit that ceiling with too many samples in a row. However a signal which needs more headroom to reproduce than a sine wave peaking at 0 dBFS can easily exist in the digital domain. We refer to such signals as 0 dBFS, and haven't found a single professional or consumer CD player that doesn't significantly distort when subjected to them, and many of them even prolong the effect.. <